The assistants program at TCC is offered to students aged 14 and over. It was developed to provide an educational program which will increase the Calisthenic skills and knowledge of students and better prepare them for entry to the Level One program. It provides opportunity and encouragement to work toward self improvement and expertise in their coaching knowledge. It promotes the development of strong leadership skills under the guidance of an accredited Level One coach. Assistants are expected to attend their teams classes and competitions, as well as the end of year concert and other TCC events. They must be dedicated to the sport and show a willingness to learn. It is a prerequisite to attend the assistants workshop, which is conducted late in the year before, and to have been doing Calisthenics for 2 years and have undertaken pupil skills exam(s) in previous years. Assistants play an important role in classes through running warm ups and cool downs, assisting with technical corrections and interacting with the pupils.