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Seriously though, what do you do at Calisthenics? The routines students learn include: Figure Marching - marching on the beat to form patterns, oftewn includes dance steps and Clubs - manipulating wooden batons in flowing movements to create visual art Freearm - gymnastics based items incorporating dance, leaps, strength and flexibility movements Rods - manipulating aluminimum rods in a variety of movements to create visual art, regularly includes acting and dance steps Aesthetics/Rhythmical - ballet based routines incorporating flowing movements, emotional interpretation, as well as strength and flexibility Fancy items (Revue/Dance Arrangement/Song & Dance) - students are taught theatrical routines incoporating a varity of dance steps, acting and more

What qualifications do your coaches have? All of our coaches have their Level One Coaching Accreditation from the Australian Institute of Sport. Rigorous study and assessment is required to achieve this accreditation, including strength and conditioning to support complex movements.

Do I need any previous experience to join? No, none! Twin City Calisthenics is an all abilities club and our coaches specialise in supporting the needs of each and every student

I have a disability and/or injury. Can I still join? Yes of course! Twin City Calisthenics is an all abilities club and our coaches specialise in supporting the needs of each and every student

Can boys join too? Yes! Under the Australian Calisthenics Federation Guidelines boys can compete at calisthenics competitions up to and including the age of thirteen (Juniors). We don't currently have any boy students, however would love to have some join!

Where are the competitions? TCC attends competitions across the state of Victoria including locations such as Shepparton, Echuca, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne. Each team attends competitions relevant to their age and skill level, however all competitive teams attend the Rich River Competition in Echuca on the same weekend in September. It's a great opportunity for all students to support and watch other teams compete.

When are the competitions? Comp Season runs from late July to early October. Competition dates are set by Calisthenics Victoria, and are provided to clubs in May of each year.

Do you have to go to the competitions? Yes and No. Students in Subbies, Juniors, Inters or Seniors are required to attend competitions. Students in Masters can choose to come along to classes recreationally without attending competitions. Tinies do not currently compete.

How are the classes run? Classes operate out of our studio in Wodonga. Each class consists of warm up, stretching, practising routines, and cool down. Younger students learn through play and other activities.

What do students wear to class? Students are expected to wear black, form-fitting clothes to class. Loose fitting clothing is a safety hazard as it can become caught in apparatus when students are completing gymnastics movements. Leotards and leggings or tights are preferred.

What do students wear to competitions? Competitive students are required to wear TCC uniform to competitions. This includes at a minimum a club jacket and black pants, however club polos are also required for older students.

Is there somewhere I can buy secondhand attire and uniform? Yes. Families are able to buy and sell secondhand uniform through the club.

What about equipment? Where do I get that? Clubs and Rods are included in standard fees and are provided for student use throughout the year. This enables equipment to be replaced when students outgrow it. The club provides practice skirts to younger students, however Inters, Seniors and Masters are required to supply their own. There are variety of places where practice skirts can be purchased.

Which team will my child be in? Students are allocated to teams based on their age as at the 31st December of that year. Eg; A student turning 11 in December will be in Juniors, not Subbies. Team age limits are set by Calisthenics Victoria.

Do classes run through school holidays and/or public holidays? Sometimes. Our classes run to Victorian school terms. Generally no classes are held during the April school holidays, however older team may have one or two classes during the July and September school holidays. It depends on the team, and how the competitions are scheduled that year.

My child loves it. Can they do extra classes? This one is tricky to answer! We have lots of things going on every year including: - Summer School in January - a mid-year intensive for Subbies & Juniors - a mid-year camp for Inters, Seniors & Masters - a team workshops for competitve teams - opportunity for students who meet requirements to learn and perform solos

Is there anything for parents? TCC has two big social events at either end of the year - Bingo Night in Feb and Presentation in November - that we encourage all our families to attend. We also have smaller, less formal team specific catch ups throughout the year such as team dinners after workshops and/or comps, and other social activities.

What do your fees include? Almost everything that emcompasses student life. Classes, equipment, costumes, camp/winter intensive, competitions, the concert, presentation night. Please note that there is a cost to parents and other family members for entry to camp, competitions, the concert and presentation night.

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